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What Interviewers Really Look For in an Applicant

Posted in Hiring

Proper eye contact. Good posture. Positive body language. Confidence in answering questions. Knowledge and skills applicable to the job. These are probably the first things that come to mind when talking about the things that interviewers look for in an applicant. And while those are valid qualities, there are certainly more aspects that make a […]

The Role of Executives in Sustaining Company Culture

Posted in Work Culture

Culture is a corporate asset that shows the character of an organization. Research shows that 94% of executives and 88% of employees consider office culture as a primary factor to business success. It gives dimension to employee productivity, further engaging and motivating employees. Company culture also demonstrates the values in which an organization lives its […]

Why the Hiring Process is Integral to Business Success

Posted in Hiring

An innovative business idea. A thriving market. Excellent customer service. These are among the usual factors that affect business success. However, there is one factor that’s often overlooked—the hiring process. If your products and services are the heart of your business, your workforce is the backbone. You need to pick the right people with the […]

Practical Methods to Reduce Bias in Your Organization’s Hiring Process

Posted in Hiring

Hiring the right people for the right jobs is one of the primary challenges of a recruitment officer. They need to be able to sift through applicants and differentiate good candidates from the bad ones. However, recruiters are still human. Even the most tenured recruitment officer can make mistakes. One oversight that recruiters tend to […]

The Benefits of Taking a More Personal Approach to the Hiring Process

Posted in Hiring

The hiring process is an inevitable part of running an organization. Although it seems fairly simple, there’s more to it than assessing applications and conducting interviews. Talent acquisition has become more challenging in the digital era. Now, we have all kinds of tools and solutions for automation. However, no matter how robust our automated systems […]