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How to Ensure Your Company’s Digital Security

Companies of all sizes should be more proactive with their digital security measures in this increasingly digital world. Most of the cyberattacks that make the news are large in scale; however, this doesn’t mean that smaller businesses aren’t vulnerable at all. As a matter of fact, small businesses are at a higher risk of cyberattacks […]

How Process Management Can Improve Business Wellness

Every business has its processes. These have their own areas of focus that are vital to the company’s functionality. To succeed, each link in the chain must work in harmony with each other. That is, each process ideally attains its goal before turning over to next one. Addressing Workplace Inefficiencies Unfortunately, not all companies are […]

Investing in Employee Engagement Programs

Until resignation letters start pouring in, a lot of companies don’t realize that their employees are unhappy. Studies show that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in the workplace, leading to a large number of turnovers. To increase employee retention, companies are devising several ways to create a more productive work environment. Engaging employees […]

Fostering Workplace Diversity to Develop Employee Engagement

Posted in Equality

Workplace diversity has become essential for any business that strives to gain a competitive advantage in the global economy. It impacts both the internal and external environments of a business. A diverse workforce improves employee engagement, which boosts performance and drives profitability. It can also help build a brand’s reputation and increase customer loyalty. Moreover, […]

Communication Issues and How to Address Them

Communication in the workplace is more than just an essential skill—it is an integral part of any organization’s success in the business landscape. Being able to communicate at work doesn’t also just refer to managing conflicts, sharing information, or cascading directives. It is a significant factor in fostering innovation, boosting employee engagement, strengthening client relationships, […]

How to Create CTQ (Critical To Quality) Trees

Business growth relies heavily on how a business meets the needs of their customers. To provide the highest quality products and services, it is essential to identify what specific customer needs should be satisfied and what attributes are important to them. CTQ trees play a critical role in the development of such products and services. […]

Workplace Safety Systems in the Digital Age

Posted in HR

Employers are responsible for providing an environment where their employees feel comfortable and safe to work.  Occupational health and safety practices address this by helping ensure that businesses of any size are able to identify and prevent risks. This involves monitoring their vital physical and human assets, any property damage, employee absences, and injuries.  While […]

Top 5 Issues Managers Face and How to Address Them

Whenever people talk about being a manager, it can be described as exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. However, another very common phrase used to describe management is that it is also very challenging. Team management means being able to walk the fine line between meeting your business targets while interacting regularly with your employees and making […]