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What Is Career Development?

The workplace has evolved drastically over the years, with generational attitudes being one of the main factors driving significant change among workers. For instance, finding a stable and well-paying occupation that they can put up with until retirement might have been their priority. Younger generations, however, don’t share the same attitudes about work and career. […]

5 Ways to Encourage Team Accountability

Accountability is the foundation of trust in any relationship. It’s a combination of ownership and initiative. Ownership is when you don’t pass the buck but follow through and accomplish what you have committed to do.  Accountability is also about initiative or doing the right thing. It’s acknowledging that other people depend on your commitment and […]

The 9 Faces of HR: A Disruptor’s Guide to Mastering Innovation and Driving Real Change by Kris Dunn

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Having spent over two decades of his life as a manager, director, and Vice President of Human Resources for small and big companies alike, Kris Dunn has seen all the facets of human resource management and met different types of personnel. Every workplace is unique. Some have more laid-back yet highly-productive work environments, while others […]

What are the Emerging Market Trends to Watch Out for in 2020?

The new decade is right around the corner. With the new year comes emerging trends that you should look out for. Technology has come a long way and with it are the changes in the ways in which we connect and interact with each other. These changes brought about by technological advancement, such as ease […]

Creating a Process Flow Diagram for Your Needs

Visual representations help people significantly in different aspects of business. Advertisements can persuade the public to buy products or choose one service over another. Still and moving pictures are also used for company branding for recruitment and investment. Because some things are understood better with the help of pictures, bosses and managers also use visual […]

What Is Change Management and How to Decide If Your Company Needs It

If an organization wants to keep growing, it has to be open to change. Whenever you undertake new initiatives and projects to beef up performance, boost employee engagement, or increase company revenue, it usually requires you to implement changes. These changes can range from really small to really big and may include transformations to organizational […]

How to Better Engage with Your Remote Staff

The rapidly changing times bring with them immense transformations when it comes to workplace attitude, working environment, management styles, and overall employee performance. The advancements in technology have given us options on how, when, and where we work. Case in point: telecommuting or remote work. While remote work has its own set of advantages and […]