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How to Establish an Intentional Company Culture

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What is your company culture? To put it another way, what is it like to work in your organization? Company culture is often defined as your company’s personality. It encompasses everything from the organization’s values, mission, expectations, and work atmosphere down to its symbols, rituals, and even myths. The company’s website, online reports about your […]


How to Share Concerns in the Workplace without Sounding Negative

Posted in Work Culture

Issues in the workplace are inevitable. From company policies, to compensation, to office favoritism, employees work through a long list of concerns on a daily basis. Some of these concerns create a toxic work culture that can get under the employee’s skin. But should employees actually say anything about it? It’s not that easy. Some […]

Do You Need a Change Management Team?

There is an assumption that transitions will go smoothly in an organization if the end goal benefits everyone. However, any change takes planning and effort. In business, transition is impossible without getting employees and management alike on board with the process. Moreover, change can’t be forced or mandated. A 2018 Gartner survey showed that half […]

Using the Six Sigma Methodology for Process Management

We know that manufacturers and firms all want to come up with innovative products, slash production costs, and save time while aiming to achieve higher profits and bigger market share. Organizations have employed various systems to assist them in becoming more efficient in different production aspects, from creating new products to entering new markets. One […]

Book Review: #ZigZagHR – Why the Best HR is No Longer HR

Posted in HR

Technology isn’t just changing the way people work; it’s also changing how they are and will be managed. The disruptive nature of technology is forcing human resource teams and managers to re-evaluate current systems in order to jive with the needs and expectations of the workforce in the fourth industrial revolution. In their book #ZigZagHR: […]


What is Sensemaking and it’s on Affect Organizational Performance

Our world can be described as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) due to a number of “pendulum shifts”. According to modern-day philosopher and political scientist Christian Madsbjerg, these refer to the progress of technology, the emergence of “big data” analysis, the use of algorithms for mass marketing, and political messaging. As businesses face more […]

Organizational Design in the Age of Globalization

Globalization, as a concept, has been around for quite some time. It has impacted the world’s social, cultural, political, legal, and even economic aspects. Various economies gained an advantage through globalization. This allowed them to cut costs and to resort to more convenient manufacturing and distribution methods. Globalization also gave corporations access to a wider […]

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Top 10 Books a Change Manager Should Have

Change can be frightening for many companies. Yet, more than ever, companies are clamoring to adapt or keep up with the constantly changing trends in the market. Unlike other business processes, change management goes beyond the structural and operational aspects. Managing change means helping employees adapt to and accept change by minimizing resistance and adjusting […]