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Top 8 Books on Workplace Accountability

Posted in Work Culture

The best employers know the value of building a culture of accountability in the workplace. They see the vital role it plays in achieving optimal performance and business success. When people are accountable for their behavior and performance, they value their work more. They become more motivated in achieving their goals. This improves the overall […]

Criminal History Search Request

What Are Background Checks? What to Look For?

Posted in Hiring

A great resume doesn’t always come with a great candidate. As employers and recruiters, it’s our responsibility to filter out the embellishments on candidates’ resumes and CVs by conducting background checks. What Is It? A background check is a series of processes in which an employer or recruiter verifies the information volunteered by a candidate […]

Structured Interview

What is Structured Interviewing?

Posted in Hiring

Imagine you’re interviewing a few candidates with similar experience and work history for the same job. Before the first in-person interview starts, you notice that this candidate volunteers for a nonprofit organization you strongly support. Not really thinking about it, you start off the interview asking questions about that experience, and you build a friendly […]