What Is Career Development?

The workplace has evolved drastically over the years, with generational attitudes being one of the main factors driving significant change among workers. For instance, finding a stable and well-paying occupation that they can put up with until retirement might have been their priority. Younger generations, however, don’t share the same attitudes about work and career. […]

How to Better Engage with Your Remote Staff

The rapidly changing times bring with them immense transformations when it comes to workplace attitude, working environment, management styles, and overall employee performance. The advancements in technology have given us options on how, when, and where we work. Case in point: telecommuting or remote work. While remote work has its own set of advantages and […]

Employing Management Practices to Boost Productivity

Employees are the backbone of businesses. Their performance plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. Countless studies about employee behavior have been done to help companies come up with ways to enhance productivity. Aside from creating a more productive workplace, employing management practices are just as vital in boosting productivity. When done […]

Important Ways to Assess Company Culture

For companies to thrive and succeed, they must be willing to foster a strong company culture. This isn’t only about determining how an organization works and collaborates, but also about how it provides the framework for strong leadership, employee engagement, and overall productivity and success. These days, in order for leadership to be effective, leaders […]

10 Simple Ways to Find Happiness at Work

High employee morale is crucial to the success of any company. Not only will it improve an office’s overall productivity, but it will also do wonders for its individual workers. However, happiness at work isn’t always easy to achieve. There are plenty of factors that might be preventing employees from enjoying their valuable time in […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Team Building Events

Let’s say you have a great team, comprised of experienced and skilled individuals. They perform well, deliver expected results, and even go above and beyond their duties and responsibilities. But what happens when the team hits a wall? You may have already seen it happen. The team loses steam, and morale starts to go down. […]

Investing in Employee Engagement Programs

Until resignation letters start pouring in, a lot of companies don’t realize that their employees are unhappy. Studies show that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in the workplace, leading to a large number of turnovers. To increase employee retention, companies are devising several ways to create a more productive work environment. Engaging employees […]

Communication Issues and How to Address Them

Communication in the workplace is more than just an essential skill—it is an integral part of any organization’s success in the business landscape. Being able to communicate at work doesn’t also just refer to managing conflicts, sharing information, or cascading directives. It is a significant factor in fostering innovation, boosting employee engagement, strengthening client relationships, […]

How Active Listening Can Help Employee Engagement

Listening isn’t as natural as some people think. It is a conscious decision with strong implications in the workplace. A study shows that people spend 55% of their day listening. However, we listen in varying degrees, absorbing only 17%-25% of the things we listen to. Audiologist Jonathan Javid says that we are either active or […]