remote worker engagement

How to Effectively Engage with Your Remote Workers

The rapidly changing times bring with them immense transformations when it comes to workplace attitude, working environment, management styles, and overall employee performance. The advancements in technology have given us options on how, when, and where we work. Case in point: telecommuting or remote work. While remote work has its own set of advantages and […]

employee volunteers

Activities to Increase Motivation in the Office

Boosting employee morale wouldn’t be a problem in an ideal workplace where you have a self-motivated staff whose performance levels stay up or continue to rise.  However, that’s not how reality works. Internal and external factors influence employees’ work motivation. Their individual personalities, emotional states, activities, and goals all contribute to their levels of motivation.  […]

active listener

5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale Through Active Listening

It’s easy to spot a company that is suffering from low employee morale. In such workplaces, something always feels a little off. Employees may openly complain about their managers, rush to get home halfway through the day, accumulate increased tardiness and absences, and even neglect the quality of their work. When we look around the […]

inbox management

Managing Your Employees’ Inbox to Improve Productivity

These days, it’s impossible not to be able to reach someone. With so many communication channels available, companies can easily reach employees.  However, the boon to better communication can also become bane as excessive emails, texts, and instant messages pile up, causing anxiety and inaction. Emails at the office can become overwhelming for your team […]

Team building

10 Team Building Games for Businesses

Managing a team of diverse individuals can be a challenge. Managers want to lead a cohesive unit, but team members would rather be a collection of individuals. To encourage employees to work together, companies encourage them to undergo team building activities. Team building games and activities aim to strengthen relationships among workers, align goals, and […]

safe work spaces

Should Companies Create “Safe Spaces” for Employees?

The number of employees suffering from stress and burnout has continued to rise in the past decade. A Gallup study of 7,500 employees shows that 67% of employees experience burnout at work. This is an alarming statistic. With about two-thirds of the workforce feeling stressed, it’s inevitable for business growth to be negatively affected. People […]

positive work environment

How Does A Manager Evaluation Improve the Workplace Environment?

A tool for employees and employers to assess a manager’s effectiveness at their role, a manager evaluation is a survey conducted among team members, often anonymously. This tool assesses a manager’s effectiveness based on their function. Do You Need a Manager Evaluation? How does a company know whether they need a manager evaluation? The short […]