diversity and inclusion

How to Use HR Technology to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and inclusion initiatives help improve the financial performance of businesses. In fact, a McKinsey report says that firms in the top-quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more inclined to achieve above average profitability than their counterparts in the bottom quartile. Meanwhile, companies in the upper quartile for cultural diversity on […]

harassment complaint

How Should a Manager Deal with a Sexual Harassment Complaint?

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Reports of sexual harassment in the workplace are nothing new. In fact, harassment cases unfortunately increased in the past few years. In response, most offices now have a very clear sexual harassment policy in place just to dictate how to handle harassment at work. But a strong zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy is only the first […]

diverse work culture

How Cultural Diversity Can Strengthen Your Team

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Diversity in the workplace is an evolving business trend. With the advent of globalization, companies are starting to recognize that to maintain a realistic worldview, they need to open their doors to a wider range of employees. Over the past several years, organizations began hiring employees from different backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and beliefs. The more […]

multigenerational staff

Managing Across Generations in a Multigenerational Workplace

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Roughly five generations can be seen working side-by-side in the modern workplace. Gone are the days when Baby Boomers or Millennials alone made up a single workforce. Instead, managers see a combination of different generations populating their teams and working together. This presents managers with unique opportunities and challenges. Team management skills must be updated […]

pay equality

How Should Employees Demand Equal Pay?

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Salaries are often negotiated upon employee onboarding during the hiring process. They are based on several factors, including skills, education, and work experience. Ideally, employees with the same nature of work under similar conditions should receive the same salary and benefits. However, there are many instances when this does not happen. Significant pay disparities occur […]