Criminal History Search Request

What Are Background Checks? What to Look For?

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A great resume doesn’t always come with a great candidate. As employers and recruiters, it’s our responsibility to filter out the embellishments on candidates’ resumes and CVs by conducting background checks. What Is It? A background check is a series of processes in which an employer or recruiter verifies the information volunteered by a candidate […]

Structured Interview

What is Structured Interviewing?

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Imagine you’re interviewing a few candidates with similar experience and work history for the same job. Before the first in-person interview starts, you notice that this candidate volunteers for a nonprofit organization you strongly support. Not really thinking about it, you start off the interview asking questions about that experience, and you build a friendly […]

What is a Reasonable Relationship Package?

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What is a “reasonable relationship?” No, we’re not talking about a healthy and mature relationship with your significant other. In the workplace, a reasonable relationship can mean a few different things. It may be the relationship between your guaranteed salary and what you’re actually being paid. It may also mean the relationship between you and […]