HR Challenges

HR’s Top Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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Human resource management focuses on the company’s greatest asset—its people. Due to the ever-evolving landscape of business, HR often has to face a wide array of challenges. Since HR teams have multiple responsibilities, it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed with challenges they come across. Being aware of the major challenges of human resource management enables […]

Human Resource help

How Human Resources Bridges Managers and Employees

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In the early 1900s, companies set up personnel departments to handle issues with labor unions. A few decades after, human resource departments were created to handle performance management, employee concerns, training and development. Nowadays, the HR department has taken on more important responsibilities that greatly impact a company’s growth. It now has active participation in […]

employee onboarding

What is Employee Onboarding?

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It’s more than new employee orientation You’ve spent months browsing job candidates and interviewing potential employees before narrowing it down to one possible new hire. After some negotiations, you seal the deal and this person accepts an offer to join your company. Cue the applause and celebrations! However, your work isn’t quite done yet. Finding and […]

Talent management

Why are Some Companies Renaming HR to “Talent and People”?

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We have noticed a shift in the world of human resources in recent years. The department that we commonly associate with recruitment, pay slips, and exit interviews is gradually improving its image. To emphasize this revolution, some organizations have changed the name of the department for good. From “Human Resources,” companies are now calling it […]

outside of work

How Activities Outside of Work Affect Employees at Work

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The human resource department is responsible for ensuring that employees exhibit professionalism, good conduct, and proper behavior while in the workplace. They monitor work activities to measure employee productivity and streamline business processes. But should they also keep track of what employees do after work? After all, what employees do outside the workplace can impact […]