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10 Effective Change Management Strategies

In a constantly changing business landscape, companies must learn to evolve and adapt to remain competitive. Organizational changes are essential in keeping pace with rapid developments. However, these changes can be disruptive. An effective strategy is crucial to properly implementing transformation initiatives. Strong change management is needed to propel organizational change to success. What is […]

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How to Use Organizational Design to Drive Engagement

Whether we like it or not, the business landscape is constantly shifting. Every day, new developments in technology, globalization, and modernity are challenging organizations to keep up. When a company fails to adapt to these changing times, its employees become disengaged. After all, what’s the point of repeating the same work that yields no positive […]

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What Are Business Wellness Checkups?

Businesses are like human bodies — they need regular checkups so that their owners will know exactly whether they’re performing well or not. Employers can get caught up in the daily demands of marketing their products and services, ramping up sales, establishing good customer relationship, and ensuring employee engagement that they forget to step back […]

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How to Include On-Call Staff in Your Company’s Business Goals

New technology has expanded customers’ access to businesses, giving them the impression that there’s someone they could reach from your end any time of the day to attend to their needs. Today, companies raise their competitive edge by meeting the demand for “always on” services. Many organizations tap part-time and on-call talent to supplement their […]

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What is Process Management?

How your organization is linked together Process management. In the business world, it’s not the sexiest or most exciting term, but it’s an important concept. Process management is a discipline that uses various tools and methods to define, analyze, optimize, monitor, and control business processes. It’s also called business process management, or BPM. Process management […]

The Most Overused Bullshit Cultural Values Organizations Have 

Whether you’re searching for a job or creating a job posting for a new position at your company, you’ve likely come across certain terms or phrases in the human resources world. Maybe you’ve come across them too much. So much so that you roll your eyes when you read them. In job postings, maybe that […]

Why Should Organizations Have Both Employment Contracts and Social Contracts?

The traditional workplace is changing. Many workers want more than just a wage-earning job. Many employees want their work to be meaningful. They want to know how they fit into a company in the larger sense. They want a more welcoming, positive, and engaging workplace culture.