The Most Overused Bullshit Cultural Values Organizations Have 

Whether you’re searching for a job or creating a job posting for a new position at your company, you’ve likely come across certain terms or phrases in the human resources world. Maybe you’ve come across them too much. So much so that you roll your eyes when you read them. In job postings, maybe that […]

Why Should Organizations Have Both Employment Contracts and Social Contracts?

The traditional workplace is changing. Many workers want more than just a wage-earning job. Many employees want their work to be meaningful. They want to know how they fit into a company in the larger sense. They want a more welcoming, positive, and engaging workplace culture.

What Is the Contingency Theory of Management?

What do you picture when you hear the word “leader”? How do we know a good leader from a bad one? Theories on leadership and management are continuously transforming as employees and industries change over time. In the past, people believed that leaders are born, not made. For instance, Great Man Theory of Leadership and […]