Social Media Tricks to Improve Recruitment

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With social media recognized as a venue for social interaction and a source for news and information, it’s no wonder businesses leverage it to widen their reach. But more than just increasing their online presence, businesses are also enhancing their hiring process through social media. It has now become the most popular platform for recruitment. […]


What are Millennials Looking for in a Job?

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Millennials are known to be one of the largest generations in history, according to a Goldman Sachs study.  They grew up experiencing a different world and rapid changes in a short amount of time. This makes their priorities and expectations differ greatly from that of their predecessors.  We’ve heard the term “millennial” thrown around a […]

remote employee

The Best Qualities of a Remote Employee

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Remote work is becoming more popular for both employees and employers. Its many benefits include lower stress levels, increased employee morale, a longer working period for older workers, reduced real estate costs, and many others. But remote work may not suit everyone. There are many challenges to working remotely that both employees and employers must […]

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Why Do Companies Still Require 4-Year Degrees Even If the Job Shouldn’t Require It?

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The term “degree inflation” may have been one of the 600 new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary last year, but the phenomenon that it’s describing seems to be waning in various sectors, particularly the IT industry. Degree or academic inflation is the practice of an employer requiring a four-year degree for “middle-skill jobs” […]

What to Ask When Selecting a Recruiting Agency

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There are a lot of recruiting agencies in the United States: about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies that operate a total of nearly 40,000 offices. A little over half of the companies mainly provide temporary and contract staffing, but many of them offer recruiting and permanent placement, outplacement and outsourcing, and human resource consulting services.