5 Ways to Encourage Team Accountability

Accountability is the foundation of trust in any relationship. It’s a combination of ownership and initiative. Ownership is when you don’t pass the buck but follow through and accomplish what you have committed to do.  Accountability is also about initiative or doing the right thing. It’s acknowledging that other people depend on your commitment and […]

Global Human Capital Trends: What You Need to Know

Every year, global firm Deloitte releases its Global Human Capital Trends report. This report compiles the answers of roughly 10,000 respondents, with more than half working in HR, from 119 countries. Once the interviews have been collected, the firm streamlines the data into specific human capital trends to help companies shape their HR policies and […]

Leadership Trends and Practices That Will Make a Big Impact in 2020

Emerging trends reshape the business landscape and create an increasingly competitive environment. To stay ahead of these trends, leaders must change their mindsets and retool their organizations to adapt to these technological, global, economic, and social changes. Here are some of the trends forecasted for 2020 and what leaders can do to keep up with […]

Keys to Managing Your Remote Workforce

Working remotely grew to be an important trend in the past few years. Whether it’s about reducing office overhead, reducing carbon footprint, maximizing working hours, or even boosting worker productivity, there are many benefits to a remote workforce that companies are finally beginning to recognize. This trend is growing and shows no signs of slowing […]

Top 5 Issues Managers Face and How to Address Them

Whenever people talk about being a manager, it can be described as exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. However, another very common phrase used to describe management is that it is also very challenging. Team management means being able to walk the fine line between meeting your business targets while interacting regularly with your employees and making […]

Why You Might Have to Fire Your Star (Toxic) Employee

Self-made millionaire and New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk recently gave an impassioned presentation in front of business leaders on how to build a robust work culture. His message was loud and clear: be ready to fire toxic employees regardless of whether they’re your best developer, best salesperson, or even your company co-founder. If their attitude […]

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Top Management Trends of 2019

The workplace has drastically changed many times over the past few decades. Changes in philosophy, culture, and society, as well as advancements in technology, have contributed to the sweeping transformations in how organizations operate and how human resources are handled. Good managers are expected to have the necessary knowledge of their line of work. Expertise […]