culture fit vs culture add

Culture Fit vs. Culture Add: What’s the Difference?

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Millennials prioritize company culture “Company culture” is a hot buzzword in the hiring industry. The culture of an organization has always been important, but lately, it seems like it’s become even more so. Why? For one thing, millennials highly prioritize company culture, even over other factors like salary and benefits. A healthy work environment, including […]

remote work culture

How to Build a Remote-Friendly Culture in 2019

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As labor markets shrink and remote work continues to gain more popularity, businesses have no choice but to become more amenable to considering remote employees. But First, What Is It? Remote work is a work arrangement that allows employees to work off-site. The term covers many location-independent work settings. Some examples include fully remote work, […]


Top 8 Books on Workplace Accountability

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The best employers know the value of building a culture of accountability in the workplace. They see the vital role it plays in achieving optimal performance and business success. When people are accountable for their behavior and performance, they value their work more. They become more motivated in achieving their goals. This improves the overall […]