The Role of Executives in Sustaining Company Culture

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Culture is a corporate asset that shows the character of an organization. Research shows that 94% of executives and 88% of employees consider office culture as a primary factor to business success. It gives dimension to employee productivity, further engaging and motivating employees. Company culture also demonstrates the values in which an organization lives its […]

The Different Types of Sexual Harassment Your Company Needs to Prevent

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Harassment has no place in the workplace. Unfortunately, it still is a pervasive problem that affects as much as 81% of women and 43% of men in the US. Given that most of these incidents go unreported, it’s often challenging to get an accurate measure of how widespread the issue is. But one thing we […]

Does Your Company Suck? 10 Business Practices to Avoid

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The response of any organization to ethical dilemmas can be a highly controversial topic in our highly interconnected world. Consumers can easily go online to background check a company and see if their ideals match theirs. Compliance with socially accepted ethical standards are more necessary than ever to participate in the worldwide economy. This is […]

Remote Work Ethics: What You Need to Know

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Remote working, and its various iterations such as telecommuting and working from home, has become popular of late. The number of employees who engage in remote work increased by 30 percent during the last decade. This growth has largely to do with recent improvements in technology. However, remote work entails good work ethics. Remote workers, […]

Fighting the Resistance to Change: On the Road to Better Performance

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We all know that change is the only thing constant in life. To paraphrase the mighty Thanos, dread it, run from it, change is still going to arrive. This is especially true in workplaces—where not only is change happening constantly, it is also occurring at a much faster rate. This is thanks to factors that […]

intentional workplace

How to Establish an Intentional Company Culture

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What is your company culture? To put it another way, what is it like to work in your organization? Company culture is often defined as your company’s personality. It encompasses everything from the organization’s values, mission, expectations, and work atmosphere down to its symbols, rituals, and even myths. The company’s website, online reports about your […]


How to Share Concerns in the Workplace without Sounding Negative

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Issues in the workplace are inevitable. From company policies, to compensation, to office favoritism, employees work through a long list of concerns on a daily basis. Some of these concerns create a toxic work culture that can get under the employee’s skin. But should employees actually say anything about it? It’s not that easy. Some […]

Pets at work

The Right Pet for Different Types of Offices

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While office spaces come in different styles and sizes, they all experience the same thing one way or another: stress. Companies these days have undertaken unconventional measures to help boost employee morale and manage workplace stress. One such measure is adopting an office pet. Many studies have shown that pets have positive effects on our […]